Other Events

Look on this page for more events aimed at young people. See below to find out what's on offer, where and when?

Approximately once a month we run a worship event called Saturday @ 7.

Started by one of our team Natalia Kerr over three years ago, we've kept meeting and really enjoy getting together for worship, friendship and to hear an encouraging message too. We start with refreshments (which usually include amazing cakes and sometimes even pizza!) at 7 and usually finish around 9:30 pm. People of all ages gather from all over the island and we have a great time focusing on meeting with Jesus. Why not join us next time we meet? everyone is welcome,

Check out our facebook page for more details too. Search "Saturday @ 7"


We meet at St Andrews Hall, Bridge Road, Cowes, PO31 7DF  


 Click here to find out when we next meet.